4 Ways Walking Improves Your Brain Health

You already know walking is good for your heart, losing or maintaining weight and your mood, but it can also yield mental benefits. From preventing dementia to improving memory, there are several science-backed benefits of lacing up your walking shoes.

Here, a look at four of the brain health benefits and how much walking you need to do to achieve them.


Being physically active is associated with increased cognition and a lower risk of dementia. Researchers often study the effects of walking on older adults who are at risk of cognitive decline. “Exercise gives more benefit than brain puzzles,” says Dr. Hyun-Sik Yang, neurologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and instructor at Harvard Medical School. “There has been a recent clinical trial showing the benefit of intense lifestyle modification, including exercise, in preventing cognitive decline in at-risk population. This was done in Finland, and the Alzheimer’s Association is planning a U.S. ver…

Steps to keep your body during pregnancy

How I kept a tab on my weight gain during Pregnancy
your body’s appearance

Managing those extra pounds during pregnancy

It is a given that every mother to be will gain some amount of weight during pregnancy. While there will be the need to eat for two people, most mothers tend to overeat and end up gaining quite a lot of excess weight during pregnancy.

I have always believed in a healthy lifestyle and have always kept my weight levels in check. I am quite proud to be a mother of two, while still keeping my weight under control during pregnancy. This is all thanks to a few simple lifestyle measures, some amount of will and determination and the support of my loving and caring partner.

weight during pregnancy

While it is definitely possible to lose extra weight post pregnancy, the task becomes so much easier if one is able to keep weight levels in control during pregnancy. Being a fitness freak, I reached pregnancy at a healthy weight, managed my weight levels during pregnancy and soon shed off all the extra pounds I had gained during the period.

I have compiled a list of several tips that I followed during pregnancy to keep my weight in check. However, I did so only after consultation with my physician and I always included my friends, family and my partner in my discussions. Before you embark on your wonderful journey to childbirth, make sure that you have the complete support of your family and friends in order to keep your weight levels in check

Some simple tips to keep your weight in check during pregnancy

While there are numerous ways that you can keep your weight in check, I have personally tried these following methods and gained only 25 pounds during my pregnancy. Post-delivery, it took me slightly under 6 months to return to my previous weight. While I am no expert, I did follow these tips after consultation with my physician and today, I am glad to have done so.

Here are some simple tips that I followed, which can also help you control weight during pregnancy:

Make sure to eat as often as possible, in moderate quantities

Avoid artificially sweetened, junk and oily foods
If possible, get pregnant at healthy weight levels
Drink lots of fluids
Reach out for fibrous foods and complex carbohydrates
Include healthy meats, fresh fruits and vegetables and fat free dairy products in your diet
Ensure to include folic acid and iron supplements in your diet
Exercise before and during your pregnancy
Indulge in cravings wisely
Make sure to get proper amount of rest
Include your partner and other family members in your battle to control pregnancy weight gain
Pregnancy is one of those periods in life, where everyone will ask you to gain weight. However, if you do not keep a tab on your habits, you may end up reaching an unacceptable weight level. It is quite easy to keep weight levels in check during pregnancy – all you need is a little discipline and effort.

How many times have you tried to lose weight and failed ..?


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